Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all

At this point in time, I am trying to figure out how to deal with ca$h monay abroad so I thought I’d share with you my preparations to go from USD to DKK in a few WKS (that means weeks, I just wanted to continue the trend of abbrevs).

Now, do you know what’s annoying?


And people who don’t use their turn signals.

Anyhow, a ton of credit card companies charge a 1-3% fee for every purchase in a foreign company, which can really add up. So I did some reading and found some helpful articles for you guys! (Read: I sent my mom some links and she did some reading and filtered out helpful ones for you guys) so here they are:

1. Here is a list of credit cards without foreign transaction fees.

(I decided to hyperlink the entire sentence for your convenience. I also just couldn’t decide which word would be most important to link-“Here”, “list”, “credit cards without foreign exchange fees”….my life is a struggle)

2. Here is an interesting article about credit cards with SmartChip technology, something most US cards don’t have but Europeans do.

For my own purposes, I think I am going to apply for the Bank of America travel card that has no transaction fees. For the stores or places that I know will only accept card with chips, I figure I won’t go through the hassle of obtaining such a card and just carry cash on me. But don’t tell any muggers you know about this, plz.

As for cash and exchange rates and all that fun stuff:

1 USD = 5.75 DKK (Danish kroner)

and apparently there are good places and bad places to exchange money. (Good: an ATM. Bad: a sketchy back alley) haha no, just kidding (but not really).

3. Here is a page of tips on where to exchange currency

Basically, if you want cash, the best bet is to wait until you get to your foreign country as the exchange rates will be better. Also, be careful of outrageous fees your bank may tack on, which varies from bank to bank. If you do have fees, then it is best to withdraw larger amounts of cash less often. Again, please do not advertise this blog to muggers or thieves or scoundrels.

Hope this was somewhat helpful!



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